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Karnataka State Nursing Council Bengaluru, KARNATAKA

Its is mandatory to renew the Nursing Registration for All the Nurses Registered under Karnataka Nursing Council. The Life Members also need to get renewed in every 5 Years. TheRegistration CEnters and the Online Appointment and Registration Link is given below.


WENLOCK HOSPITAL MANGALORE Message: Our Renewal Team Staying In WENLOCK HOSPITAL MANGALORE Renewal Center for Next Two Month Effective From 13/11/2018.

VICTORIA HOSPITAL BANGALORE  Message: Our Renewal Team Staying In Victoria Hospital Bangalore Renewal Center for Next Two Month Effective From 30/10/2018.

KIMS Hubli Message: Our Renewal Team Staying In KIMS Hubli Renewal Center for Next Two Month Effective From 22/10/2018.


Enquiry Numbers
Sl.No. Section Contact Number
1. Registration/Renewal +916360761335
2. Foreign Registration/Goodstanding(Online) +916361153479
3. Foreign Enquiry +917019861812
4. NOC Enquiry +917019861849
5. Online Payment Gateway 080-25585557, 080-25587555 & 080-25586664
6. Grievances, Suggesions and Foreign Verification Write Us At ""

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Address:#71, Nightingale Towers ‘A’ Street 6th Cross A.R. Extension,     near Movieland Theater, Gandhinagar, Bangalore – 560009.  edit  edit  Phone: +91-80-22383230.  edit  Fax: +91-80-41516486.


 Telephone No: 0471-2447201.
(1) New system of answering the questions is introduced (QUESTION CUM ANSWER
BOOKLET) from September 2018 onwards.
(2) Question cum Answer Booklets are processed by electronic means. The following
instructions should be strictly followed to avoid invalidation of Answer Scripts.
(3) The first page of the Question cum Answer Booklet is an OMR Sheet and consists of Part
I and Part II. Candidates should not write or mark anything on the Part I. They should
fill up the Part II carefully. Candidates should use blue or black ball point pen only. No
other colours are permitted. Marking / writing with fountain pen, gel pen, sketch pen or
pencil is not permitted. Violation will result in invalidation of the Answer Script.
(4) Make sure that the Register Number is written and bubbled correctly; no correction is
(5) The Register Number, Name of Examination etc. should be entered on the space provided
for the purpose on Part II of the Question cum Answer Booklet. Candidates are
prohibited from writing the Register Number or anything else intended to give a clue to
their identity on any other part of the Question cum Answer Booklet. The Answer
Booklet of candidates who fail to write their Register Number distinctly and correctly or
who write the Register Number on any part of the Question cum Answer Booklet other
than the space provided for the purpose on Part II will be invalidated.
(6) Candidates should not write/mark anything which may help to identify their Name,
Register Number, Address etc. on any part of the Question cum Answer Booklet, other
than the space provided for filling up the information as given on Part II of the Question
cum Answer Booklet.
(7) Do not tamper the Barcode printed on the Question cum Answer Booklet and subsequent
pages. Tampering of bar code will result in the invalidation of the candidate's Question
cum Answer Booklet.
(8) Candidates must hand over the Question cum Answer Booklet intact to the invigilator
before leaving the examination hall.
(9) Do not write anything outside the space provided for writing the answer for each
question. Write only on the lines.
(10) Candidates have to write the answers in brief only in the lines provided below each
 question in the Question cum Answer Booklet.
(11) Rough work should be done only in the specific page provided with.
(12) The Answer Scripts of those candidates who violate the above instructions will be
 summarily invalidated. 

SSC Notification

Government of India
Staff Selection Commission
Bidders may please note that the Commercial Bids against the RFP for identification of Service Provider(s) for the conduct of computer-based examinations, will be opened at the venue and time mentioned below:-
1. Commercial bids will be opened on Monday, the 19th November, 2018 at 11.00 AM.
2. The venue for the opening of the Commercial Bids shall be the Mini Conference Room, 4th Floor, SSC, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.
3. Only one representative from each bidding firm shall be allowed to participate in the said event.
4. The representative of each bidding firm shall sign on the attendance register.
5. The proceedings of the entire opening of Commercial Bids will be video recorded.
6. No representative from any bidding firm shall carry any electronic device(s) including mobiles / smart phones / pagers / smart tabs or any internet enabled devices at the venue where the Commercial bids
will be opened i.e. Mini Conference Room 4th Floor, SSC, New Delhi.
7. In the event of any dispute(s) in the Bid process, which cannot be resolved mutually, the venue for dispute resolution shall be within the jurisdiction of courts of Delhi only.
8. Date / time / venue for the opening of the Commercial bids, as stated above, is subject to changes at the discretion of the Commission, without issuance of any prior notice or furnishing any reasons thereof.

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The candidates who have applied under the following Notifications are hereby informed that the Aptitude Test (TAT) for the below mentioned posts  will be conducted on 6th and 7th of October 2018

1/2016 dtd. 06.01.2016 1  Assistant Accountant 71 2 Statistical Assistant 41 3 Assistant Store Keeper 34 4 Assistant Traffic Inspector 128

2/2016 dtd. 06.01.2016  5 Artisan 286 6 Technical Assistant 556

The Aptitude Test for the above posts will be conducted  on 6th and 7th of October 2018. The candidates are requested to download the admit card from 14/08/2018

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Published on 17/08/2018
Postponement of Examinations scheduled from 20.08.2018 to 23.08.2018  
Sixth Semester MCA (2015 Scheme & 2011 Scheme) Degree Examinations, September 2018  
Published on 14/08/2018
Final BDS - Part I (Prior to 2008 Scheme - Supplementary) Degree Examination, September 2018  
Final Year B.Pharm. (Supplementary) Degree Examination, September 2018  
Rescheduling of Fourth Semester M.A./M.Sc./M.Com/MSW/MPA/MMCJ Degree Examinations   
Published on 10/08/2018
Rescheduling of Second Semester B.A. - B.Sc. (SDE 2017 Admission) Degree Examinations scheduled on 17.08.2018  
Rescheduling of Second Semester B.Com. (SDE 2017 Admission) Degree Examinations scheduled on 14.08.2018  
Second Semester, Fourth Semester and Sixth Semester BHMCT (Regular, Improvement, Supplementary & Mercy Chance) Degree Examinations, September 2018  
Third Semester M.Ed. (Two Year Programme 2015 Scheme) Degree Examination, October 2018  



Students of the Faculty of Arts
Students of the Faculty of Science
Students of the Faculty of Marine Sciences
Students of the Faculty of Indian Languages
Students of the Faculty of Engineering & Technology
Students of the Faculty of Education 
Students of the Faculty of Fine Arts
Students of the Faculty of Agriculture
Students of the Faculty of Medicine

First Aid and Emergency care- Course- Annamalai University

Value Added Elective Course
VAMD-011- First Aid and Emergency care
Course Description
This course enables students to have a better understanding and develop skill
in giving First Aid treatment in emergencies in either the hospital or the
Course objective
The objective of this course is student will be able to acquire knowledge and
demonstrate skill in providing First Aid treatment in emergencies that may be met
in any settings. The following are the objectives of course
 1. Understand the scope of First Aid and role of First Aid
 2. Comprehend the ways to manage and incident
 3. Demonstrate the techniques of assessing a casualty
 4. Describe the life saving measures for an unconscious casualty
 5. Explain First Aid management for respiratory problems
 6. Describe First Aid measures for wounds and circulation problems
 7. Identify a bone joint and muscle injuries and provide appropriate First Aid
 8. Describe First Aid process for the effects of heat and cold
 9. Provide First Aid measures for foreign objects, poisoning bits and stings
 10. Provide First Aid for emergency conditions
 11. Identify and give First Aid treatment in community emergencies and natural
 12. Describe the techniques and equipments for First Aid
Course outline
Unit -1- Becoming a First Aider,
What is a first aider?, How to prepare yourself, Protection from infection,
Dealing with a casualty, Requesting help, The use of medication, Remember your
own needs
Unit – II- Managing an incident
Action at an emergency, Traffic accidents, Fires, Electrical incidents, Water
incidents, Major incident/Mass casualties
Unit - III - Assessing a Casualty
Assessing the sick or injured, Mechanisms of injury, Primary survey,
Secondary survey, Head-to-toe examination, Monitoring vital signs
Unit - IV - The Unconscious Casualty
Breathing and circulation, Life-saving priorities, Unconscious adult,
Unconscious child, Unconscious infant, How to use an AED
Unit- V- Respiratory problems
The respiratory system, Hypoxia, Airway obstruction, Choking adult,
Choking infant, Choking child, Hanging and strangulation, Inhalation of fumes,
Drowning, Hyperventilation, Asthma, Croup, Penetrating chest wound
Unit - VI- Wounds and circulation
The heart and blood vessels, Bleeding and types of wound, Shock, Severe
external bleeding, Impalement, Amputation, Crush injury, Cuts and scrapes,
Bruising, Blisters, Infected wound, Foreign object in a wound, Scalp and head
wounds, Eye wound, Bleeding from the ear, Nosebleed, Knocked-out adult tooth,
Bleeding from the mouth, Finger wound, Wound to the palm, Wound at a joint
crease, Abdominal wound, Vaginal bleeding, Bleeding varicose vein
Unit - VII - Bone, Joint and muscle injuries
The skeleton, Bones, muscles and joints, Fractures, Dislocated joint, Strains
and Sprains, The nervous system, Head injury, Facial injury, Lower jaw injury,
Cheekbone and nose injury, Collarbone injury, Shoulder injury, Upper arm injury,
Elbow injury, Forearm and wrist injuries, Hand and finger injuries, Rib injury,
Fractured pelvis, Back pain, Spain injury, Hip and thigh injuries, Lower leg
injuries, Knee injury, Ankle injury, Foot and toe injuries, Cramps
Unit- VIII - Effects of heat and cold

The skin, Assessing a burn, Severe bums and scalds, Minor bums and
scalds, Bums to the airway, Electrical burn, Chemical burn, Chemical bum to the
eye, Flash bum to the eye, Incapacitant spray exposure, Dehydration, Sunburn,
Heat exhaustion, Heatstroke, Hypothermia, Frostbite
Unit - IX - Foreign objects, poisoning, bites & stings
The sensory organs, Splinter, Embedded fishhook, Swallowed foreign
object, Foreign object in the eye, Foreign object in the ear, Foreign object in the
nose, How poisons affect the body, Types of poisons, Swallowed poisons, Drug
poisoning, Alcohol poisoning, Animal and human bites, Insect sting, Tick bite Other
bites and stings, Snake bite, Stings from sea creatures, Marine puncture wound.
Unit - X - Medical conditions
Angina, Heart attack, Stroke, Diabetes mellitus, Hyperglycemia,
Hypoglycemia, Seizures in adults, Seizures in children, Fever meningitis, Fainting,
Allergy, Anaphylactic shock, Headache, Migraine, Sore throat, Earache and
toothache, Abdominal pain, Vomiting and diarrhea, Childbirth, Emergency
Unit- XI - Techniques and Equipment
Removing clothing, Removing headgear, Casualty handling, First aid
materials, Dressings, Cold compresses, Principles of bandaging, Roller bandages,
Tubular gauze bandages, square knots, hand and foot cover, Arm sling, Elevation
sling, improvised slings.
Unit - XII - Emergency First Aid
Action in an emergency, CPR for an adult, chest compression only CPR, CPR for an
infant, child, Community emergencies such as fire explosions, earth quakes, flood
and famine
Unit tests, term examinations and assignments
1. Test papers

2. Final practical + oral test
1. The authorized manual of St. John Ambulance, St. Andrew's Ambulance
association and the British red cross society, First Aid manual, 9th edition, Dorling
Kindersley, London
2. American college of emergency physicians, First Aid manual, 5th edition, Dorling
Kindersley, London
3.Clement Text book on First Aid & Emergency Nursing, First edition, JP brothers,
4. Philip Jevon, Emergency care and First Aid for Nurses, A practical guide,
Churchill Living Stone, 2007